Amitiza questions and answers

Q: ways to help my constapation? colonostopy?
i went to mexico in late 2007 and still have problems getiing regular i get bloated and try to drink lots of water i had a colonostopy my doc said my colon is perfectly fine just has to be weak since it looked normal. he has been giving me amitiza but that only helps a little? ways i can help myself? i already have a good diet with lots of green veggies. thanks!

A: it's Colonoscopy* you could try drinking a ton of water. Drink a few liters throughout the day, but chugging a bottle of water will help flush you out. eat lots of fiber- like bran cereal. try raisin bran, this helps TONS. eating yogurt (like Activia) is also good. and I'm sure other things can do this too, but i take Liquid Chlorophyl daily, and that stuff REALLY works. Just take about 2 table spoons of it in the morning, and it will flush everything out.

Q: i have iratable bowel syndryme i think what can i do to go to the bathroom?
ever since i went to mexico im not regular AT ALL like 2 or 3 times on a good week my stomach doctor gave me amitiza after my colonostopy he said i probley just have a week colon andf iv been back to from mexico and had this problem still i know i drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber and green veggies it dosnt help much please help me

A: I would recommend Acidophilus. I struggled with IBS for 20 yrs but started taking it 5 yrs ago and haven't had a problem since. You can get it at drug stores or walmart. The caplets don't work for me but the capsules do. It's made a huge difference.

Q: they say my small bowel is blocked with hard stool,?
i walk every day and take my oatmeal and eat plenty of fruit. i have no cancer or anything. i have try all laxatives, miralax, faxseed, amitiza, and still no luck. i hardy get any sleep at night. i am in my 60s and never had this problem i just want to know out to clean out my smaller bowel i even try a fleat eniimas no luck . need help

A: Since you really have tried everything else, mix a tablespoon of Mineral Oil in with a dose of Citrucel. (Tastes awful. Drink fast.) It will slip it out of you. After that, try putting Citrucel into your daily routine so it doesn't happen again. I use the orange flavored kind, and I take it every day. I once had your problem. All those tests scared the pants off me!

Q: Ex Zelnorm Users!!! I need help! What are you using to help?
I had been on Zelnorm since it first hit the market, and did wonderfully on it. Prior to that, I had tried everything! It's been two weeks and I look pregnant! All symptoms are back. My doctor gave me Amitiza, and that does not help! Any suggestions? I have been drinking plenty of water, but alas, nothing. I have heard Senecot helps? Advice will be greatly appreciated.

A: Hi I to was on Zelnorm, I have a problem daily and I found that Zelnorm wasn't really the best for me. I found a wonderful product, it's called colonex and Keri tea. Colonex and the tea work together and believe me it helps me totally. I'm sure I'll be a customer for life. If I miss a day of this stuff I feel like I'm pregnant. I had my colon removed because of diverticulitis, and I know exactly how you feel when you say you feel like you're pregnant. It's an awful feeling. Try these products they are worth a try. go on and check the product out. I mix my colonex with orange juice and I drink the tea at night before bed and it will help you get to sleep also. You will have no problems with sleep loss. I buy three of each, and it gives you a discount...I do this because I know it works.

Q: Weight loss pills, to help lose weight?
Does anyone know any pills to take to lose weight, and don't say there are none because my old roomate took them and lost so much weight. Oh and could you take Amitiza to lose weight or will it just clean you out and cause massive discomfort going #2?

A: your roommate took pills that made her not hungry. she lost weight because she didn't eat. but guess what? she lost muscle first. then maybe she lost fat. but if she lost muscle, this means her metabolism is now wayyyyy slower. so guess what? whenever she/he starts to eat again, fat gain is a certain thing. this is why not eating is never a good thing. and this is why people gain their weight back and MORE after "dieting". to kinda answer your questions. there are TWO pills that work to burn fat. 1 is not approved by the fda in the united states. the other is a prescription drug for something other than losing fat. a side effect of it happens to be a raised metabolism. and even these two pills only burn an extra 10% of calories. nobody wants to hear the truth. the truth is it takes hard work. along with 3 things. correct nutrient intake. cardio. lifting weights. good luck!

Q: I have chronic consitpation assosatiated with ulcerative colitis. Any suggestions??
My doctor has prescribed me reglan,amitiza,and lactulose. The lactulose worked the best, for a week or so and it seems like my body just gets used to the meds and they just quit working. I eat bran. I eat spinach. I eat prunes. I exercise. I am taking meds that can cause constipation but I have to take them. A suppository such as Ducalax will work but I dont like to use them because I heard you could become dependant on them. Going 2 or 3 weeks without a BM is normal for me. I do not have a blockage, as I have had all that checked. I dont drink alot of water, as I have a tendancey of retaining water. And the constipation seems to make it worse. Help!

A: I suggest a yogurt smoothie that I get from the Whole Food Market called "Kefir". It has 10 pro-biotics and aids in digestive health. It is made by Lifeway. I hope that you can find it. I used to go 2-3 weeks without a BM too. Now I drink Kefir twice a day and I am finally regular. Before I found out about Kefir, I used Slim Fast drinks and that helped. The Rich Chocolate Royale is a good flavor.

Q: ex lax prescribed by doctor?
i was taking amitiza for a while for my IBS. It worked good for about 7 months but then it weakened. my doctor told me to take one exlax twice a day. isnt that not healthy? will there be weightloss? Do laxatives allow your food to be absorbed? thank you.

A: Its website says there is a "very low "possibility of drug interaction. If your doc recommends it than its probably fine. You can also consult your pharmacist they are very helpful.

Q: Chronic Constipation w/ IBS--> Can I regain functionality?
My doctor shot down all my ideas about correcting this problem. It's been 3 years, most of which I was on a good combination of medicines that actually helped me go comfortably and empty efficiently, though i still had a back-up of stool. That combination stopped working, and I'm on Amitiza, which is like putting a band-aid over the problem. I amcommittedd to clearing out the back-up of stool, and regainingfunctionalityy. Is this possible? Have you done it? Can I do it? will colonic irrigation help? Please, no more oral medicines, they all seem to not work on me anymore. Again, my goal is to clear my back-up of stool out of my system and then regain functionality so I do not need medicine all the time. I've had x-rays that show i have a large back-up of stool I don't expect to cure the IBS, just the Chronic Constipation. This was not a life-long problem for me. 3 years ago I went to a summer camp and they didn't let us go to the bathroom and all the holding in caused this. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom w/o medicines. I can maintain a IBS-friendly diet.

A: How do you know you have a back up of stool?? IBS is kind of erratic, and is can be caused by a person being nervous or anxious. Oral medications are what is used to bring the stool down for evacuation. Personally, unless you have been Xrayed and know for sure that you have stool build up I would recommend leaving well enough alone and listening to your doctor. Overuse of bowel preparations etc. just makes matters worse. So. For problems like yours mineral oil is usually prescribed. You can buy it at your pharmacy, it is not absorbed into your system and it makes the mass slippery so it can be passed. It is very messy though, oil may leak out of the rectum. You can also buy a bottle of magnesium citrate at your pharmacy. It is used as bowel prep for diagnostic procedures and it should evacuate you from the top down. These procedures should only be used rarely if at all for bowel cleansing. As you probably know, over use of stimulant laxative products causes the bowel to lose it's functioning. People who have atonic bowels, have no more muscle tone and they often end up on a metamucil and mineral oil regime. It is pretty sad. I think stimulant laxatives should not be sold over the counter. In the long run they cause more harm than good. And then again. If your doctor is okay with your bowel functioning, you should be too. There is always stool in the bowel unless you have just undergone a surgical prep. And yes, a high colonic would clear your lower bowel, but I think it more important for you to stop worrying about it. People who sell bowel programs, in the guise of health care are preying on anxious people like yourself. A clean, clean bowel is an unhealthy bowel. Beneficial bacteria live there that help maintain your health. Eat a healthy diet that your doctor recommends, drink lots of fluids and exercise. Worrying about bowel functioning makes it worse.

Q: Extremely Bad constipation issue, can anybody PLEASE help me?
Okay, Today is the 31st. The last time I went to the bathroom all the way was Monday the 21st. Right before christmas I took laxatives so I could try to use the bathroom, Nothing happened the next morning, which was unusual because they usually help. Then the next day I took two more, thinking it would definitely work now. Then they didnt. So i went to my gastronologist and he put me on Amitiza, that was on christmas eve, so i took those that day and christmas day, still nothing. So i continues with the medication, while taking 2 more laxatives, By this time I had taken over 6 different constipation reliefes. ( amitiza and laxatives.) The day after christmas nothing. Sunday-nothing. Monyday- took more stool softeners. Nothing Yesterday, called my doctor back, he told me to double up on the meds, And then today. Still nothing. More then 10 laxatives in my system in over a week, and over 10 amitizas and NOTHING. Ive drank ALOT ALOT of water, ive eaten apples, tooken fiber supplements, drank juice, Basically did everything one could do... I told my mom about it and she didnt really say anything. I love how people act when you tell them you have IBS, they think your weird and unusual and they dont even care. My skin is breaking out like crazy, it looks like im 4 months pregnant.... Idk what too do now. Dr. doesnt understand, No foods will help. This is my last resort, to talk to the people. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I am dying here.

A: Find another doctor quickly. This one sounds irresponsible. As others have said, take an enema. Fleet enemas work great. They also make glycerin suppositories, but I don't know if you want to try that or not.

Q: help with contipation plz my doc cant figure out why im so constipated since mexico ?
i had a colonostopy he didnt find anything hes stumped but he gave me a perscription for amitiza does thta help? thanks actauly i eat very healtghy loys of fruits and veggies i still get constipated bad like 3 to 4 days without going and enimas build dependancy and i never had a problem pooping until i got back from mexico when i was 19 im 20 now and still have thiss problem

A: It's great you went to see a doctor to rule out any medical problems. Now the next step is to take healthy steps. It's important to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. There are foods that help - anything that contains fiber like fruits, vegetable and whole grains. I believe in an all-natural approach. I find that most pharmaceutical remedies cause other problems. Improving your diet isn't always enough. Incorporating all natural nutritional supplements into your diet is key. Always start with a multi-vitamin. For colon problems you might want tto consider adding pre and probiotics into your system. If you need extra help, an all natural herb laxative can help as well on an occasional basis. Below is some information regarding pre and probiotics for you to read. The healthy body contains trillions of “friendly” microorganisms. The vast majority of them live in the colon, where they perform a multitude of health-supporting tasks. Their most important role is helping to maintain a healthy balance with other less desirable organisms. Enhancing the friendly microorganisms can promote long-term colon health. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria also actively support healthy colon cells. When beneficial microflora ferment fiber in the colon, short-chain fatty acids are formed, which the tissues of the colon preferentially utilize for energy. There is evidence that increasing the levels of short-chain fatty acids in the colon may help control chronic conditions of the colon. By supporting healthy colon cells, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria may help further mitigate the effects of toxic compounds in the colon. Prebiotics are nutrients which selectively feed the friendly bacteria. research has shown that supplementing with prebiotics can significantly increase populations of beneficial microflora.* Probiotics are supplemental populations of the “friendly bacteria” residing in the colon which help to maintain healthy intestinal microbial balance. The term probiotics was first used to refer to live microorganisms in supplement form that were fed to farm animals to stimulate growth and to improve resistance to stress. The term literally means “healthful for life,” and today, probiotics has a broader definition: a live microbial supplement which beneficially affects the host by improving its microbial balance.* Research shows that regular dietary intake of beneficial microflora must be maintained to maintain their high levels. Optiflora offers a safe and natural way to supplement the diet with beneficial microorganisms naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract.* These two supplemental components work together to help beneficial bacteria flourish in your intestinal tract to support whole body health.* My personal experience shows me that Shaklee nutritional supplements are the best on the market. I began using them in June and feel great. You may want to research, but please stay away from pharmaceutical companies. Good luck. I hope you find this information beneficial.

Q: What Could Back Pain and Bruising Be?
I did have constipation a couple of weeks ago, I got flowing again, but I have to force and strain a BM now. Since then I have had real bad back pain in the lower middle region along with some bruising in that area. Bloodwork, X-Rays, and CT Scans came out normal. The doctor said I have IBS and gave me Amitiza which doesn't seem to be helping. I have since changed my diet eating healthy, eating and taking fiber daily, 3+ liters of water a day with adequate exercise. No blood in stools, stools are normal color and size. Just curious why there would be back pain and bruising? I haven't done any strenuous activity the pain just seems to be getting worse. It feels internal and external at the same time kind of hard to explain. I see the doctor Monday but I am just looking for some ideas on what to ask. I am a male and only 24 there is no history of any sort of cancer in my family. There are really no other symptoms I feel fine just a lot of pain back there. I also forgot to mention I take 10mg of Buspar daily. Sometime changing positions helps the pain.

A: Evan, you should request your Doctor to give you a colonoscopy but do not let yourself be brushed off, although he has ran tests he has not solved your problem. Straining to have a BM usually means that you may have hemorrhoids which are not dangerous but are a health issue.The constipation may be from the Buspar and you need to increase the amount of water you drink, also do not eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice when taking Buspar it reacts in a negative way. As for the bruising that really puzzles me especially if you have not hurt yourself, are u taking high doses ot Advil or Alieve? Pain is one of the bodies ways of telling us that something is wrong, keep searching for an answer until the symptoms resolve or you get a diagnosis and treatment.

Q: colon question for docs or nurses?
i have had constipation for over 1 yr now. i have tried the amitiza, and am currently trying miralax. nothing seems to help. i have only seen blood once on the toilet paper. i have been told i have irritable bowel, but i NEVER have had diarrhea, mucus or pain. i am scheduled for a colonoscopy in a couple of wks(esp. since mom had colon cancer).i am probably one of the healthier eaters and have never had this prob before. used to always be regular. could extreme dieting over 2 yrs ago cause this?also does this sound like cancer? i am 44 and take prevacid 2 x a mother was diagnosed with colon cancer at 71 yr. old.

A: I am suppose to have it too and I have the colonscope. There could be polyps. I am glad you are having this done and hopefully it will answer your questions. It really could be nervous stomach, irritable bowel, I have diarrhea and then constipated, usually if I eat it goes right through me, especially when my nerves are bad. I tried two medications and they didn't help, so i just deal with it.=====

Q: Diet for gastroparesis please help?
Hello. I am 17 years old and I suffer from reflex neurovascular dystrophy. I have been suffering for almost a year now of constant nausea, and I never feel like I can eat, and when I do I feel sick. Anyways a trip to the GI specialist, and some tests including a gastric emptying study showed that I have gastroparesis. It took my stomach 211 min just to empty half of it's contents, and I believe it is supposed to take 90 or less. So my doc started me on this antibiotic, arithymyasin or something like that, that I was to take three times a day 20 min before meals. I had my check up appointment today and it isn't working. I'm still barely eating, and feeling sick all the time, and very constipated. I am now supposed to take 24 mcg of amitiza twice a day. In addition to this I am supposed to follow a diet, eating 4-6 smaller meals a day. If you can give me examples of meals that are good to eat, let me know please! By this an example of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks, and how small should each meal be? What foods are definately bad for me? Also she wants me to try psychotherapy I believe it was, to help me. She said it sounds strange but she has had success with it. Any info on how this works?

A: Things high in fat are slow to digest and should be avoided. My son has slow emptying and he has taken the Erythromyacin along with Aciphex and is feeling much better.

Q: i have ibs, what fiber supplements would help?
i'm 20 yrs old and i am almost always constipated, regardless of the amount of fiber i eat and water i drink. stimulant laxatives work but they feel harsh on my system and a week later i am constipated again. i've tried eating flax seed meal everyday and it worked but it stopped working after a few months. also, i've tried metamucil and it worked but it made me feel extremely bloated and uncomfortable even at a small dose. my doctor even prescribed amitiza for me but it had horrible side effects. would other fiber supplements generally make me feel same way that metamucil did? anybody know of any good remedies?? i bought miralax but i'm a little reluctant to try it b/c i have classes everyday and i'm afraid it'll interfere.

A: have you just tried something like all bran (cereal)? maybe a bowl or two each day to help you. could also try those yogurts they have (like the danactive) to see if they make you regular. it may just be something you have to do each day. may make you bloated at first, but once your body gets used to it then it could be okay. could also try senna or colace. they're two stool softners that are OTC that aren't supposed to be as harsh as laxatives, but do the job. good luck.

Q: vomiting randomly also have chronic constipation?
I have CC and things are going better and my doctors says im on a straight path to full recovery. i am taking 2x per day amitiza and 2 caps of miralax nightly. about once every two weeks i have sudden onset vomiting. i would add that each time is in the morning after i eat or after i have a caffinated beverage. i keep myself well-hydrated, often drinking anywhere from 2-4 32 oz. nalgene bottles of water per day, and i eat a high-fiber diet. it could be my condition, my medicine, or something else entirely. any takers?

A: may I eamil you a few questions....then send my best guess back to you. Do you own dogs?