Deramaxx questions and answers

Q: What is the pet medicine,Deramaxx?

A: It iis a drug (patented) by Novartis Animal Health US, Inc, which is given to help control chronic osteoarthritis (OA) pain in your dog

Q: What is veterinary prescription Deramaxx?
my dog has leg pain and a skin problem

A: DERAMAXX helps a dogs pain with joints controls the level of pain a dog has or maybe stops the pain till it wears off like pain killers for humans same effects.But for dogs.Have to watch for any side effects like you would in a human such as vomiting, stool changes like color from solid to diarrhea, change in drinking or urination, decrease in appetite, behavior changes. If notice any or others you are worried about call or take your pet to the vet for further testing to be sure your best friend is safe and ok to use this med.This drug works all day for your buddy to feel free of pain while he/she enjoys their life and things they like to do.

Q: I have read some really bad reports about Deramaxx, anyone know it for a fact?

A: I didn't get any new reports but with any drug you have side effects. There are serious side effects with rimadyl too. Any drug is bad on the kidneys and liver even people drugs. Look at ibuprofin an anti- inflamatory. Extremely bad for the liver and kidneys. Its a catch 22 help the pain and destroy other organs or live with the pain.

Q: Is there any cheaper alternative for Deramaxx? My mother has a 10 year old Cockapoo... HELP PLEASE!!?
This medication is way too expensive for a one income family, so please help us. The dogs name is Peaches and shes still extremely active while on this medication. Thank you for reading my question! This medication is too exspensive for a one person income. Please help!

A: there is a generic.. called Deracoxib why not ask your vet about other alternatives? This is a non-steroid anti-inflamitory drug.. if this drug is not affordable, there may be other NSAIDs that may be available.

Q: My dog was given Deramaxx (75 mg.) for pain after oral surgery (she had two lumps cut off). Is that normal?

A: Is it normal to give an anti-inflammatory after surgery? Uh, Yes. My dog takes it for arthritis and cancer pain. It really helps him out.

Q: deramaxx overdose?
i have deramaxx for my 100lb rott when i went to give my rott his pill tonite he spit it out and my min dobermn pinscher grabbed it and ate it, should i be worried or will he be ok i need to know if i should call the vet .or am i over reacting

A: This is something definately best left up to the vet - call and see if they have an emergency number or something on their answering machine so you can talk to someone.

Q: Deramaxx vs. Rymadil?
My dog recently had a arthritis attack I took him to the vet and he decided to take him of Deramaxx something he said was fabulous, anyway I consulted another vet who to me seemed to be a better vet and she prescribed Rymadill. Does anyone have some experience with it, if so what are your thoughts...???

A: It's rimadyl (er,I know it's not spelled your way)& it works very well. The fear-rumor is NOT true-millions of dogs do fine for years.

Q: What is best and cheapest med for elbow problems?
of our 10yr old lab mix? Currently she's on Deramaxx, but the cost.....and I have to wonder if she's just being drugged or if it is really helping. We've used it for over two years, more regularly during cold months, less in the summer.

A: Ask your vet if there is anyother meds that may be able to help her out and that could be a little bit more cost effective. Vets should beable to answer your question and they are the ones that have all the knowledge on what drugs are used for what. Good luck

Q: How much are arthritis meds for pets/dogs?
My almost 10 yo choc lab needs something for arthritis. Vet suggested Rhymidal (sp) but I've read a lot on here about Deramaxx. What is the average cost of these meds per month? Thanks!

A: I have used both on my dogs & found Deramaxx is better, but more expensive. I just picked up 45 Deramaxx today from my vet & it cost me $103.50. The Rimidyl I was giving my a whole pill a day.The Deramaxx is 100mg pill & I give my dog 1/2 pill a day. I think I was paying around $1.50 per pill for the Rimidyl. You can go on line & simply type in Deramaxx & hit search. You will need a perscription from your vet to get either medicine on line.

Q: how do you treat an enlarged prostate in a doberman pincher?
He was taking Baytril 136mg and Deramaxx 100mg which appeared to help, but at times he still stands wide-legged. He is not spayed.

A: for males is NEUTERING! NO HOME REMEDIES WILL WORK FOR SUCH SERIOUS CASE! TAKE HIM TO THE VET!!! Dont have the money??...borrow it, sell something or apply in and see what vets accept it. And please learn a lesson and neuter your dog. Neutering him could have prevented this! Humane society does it for about $60 bucks for god's sake. It starts at $60, it goes up depending on the weight. Males-neutering * Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated and decreases chance of prostate disease * Decreases aggressive behavior, including dog bites * Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking * Less desire to roam and therefore less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents * Reduces the number of unwanted dogs and cats * Helps the animal live a longer and healthier life Females-spaying * Helps the animal live longer and healthier life * Risk of cancers-mammary gland tumors, ovarian and uterine cancer is greatly reduced * Reduces the number of unwanted dogs and cats * No heat cycles so males will not be attracted * Less of a desire to roam

Q: My dog takes Deramaxx for arthritis. What's the best med. for canine arthritis?

A: My dog is also on Deramaxx & has been for quite awhile. Years ago I had a dog on Rimidyl and I believe the Deramaxx is the better of the two. I have been told by an Othopedic Vet that the Deramaxx is th best.

Q: Experiences with Deramaxx?
Did it work for your dog? Did your dog have any side effects? What is the breed/age of your dog? My aunt has a 9 year old Rottweiler. He can no longer climb the stairs up to my aunt's apartment. He has arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation. We are looking for a medication to take away the pain & help with the inflammation. I came across Deramaxx, and by all the reviews I have read about it, it seems like a great product, but I wanted other opinions. Also, have you tried any other meds with your dogs? Did they work better or worse? Do your recommend any other meds? Thanks for everyone's help.

A: Ok you might find this weird but i have heard of the natural Elk antler supplement i hear it is good for arthritis in dogs. I think they call it cani - flex i have heard stories about it i have never tried it myself, otherwise cosequin for dogs never heard of Deramaxx. Im sure if you talk to a vet they might have more ideas on soothing the pain.

Q: my shih tzu was diagnosed with arthritis any suggestions?
My poor baby is only 5yrs. he's my everything, the vet have him on deramaxx but, he's still not himself, anyone have/had this problem? what did you use or used to help them?

A: I have 2 older dogs with joint pain. I use a chewable nugget calles Synoviflex. They like the taste, so giving them to my dogs makes them think they are getting a treat, but the difference in their movements is remarkable. I believe in this supplement 110%. It is glucosamine, good for joint healing. Try it, you can find it online or through your vet. I don't believe you'll be dissappionted.

Q: Why has my Rottweiler been so grumpy lately?
I have an 11 year old Rottweiler, named Belle, and recently she's been quite grumpy. Normally she is pretty mellow and puts up with quite a bit. However, as of late, she's been growling at the cats, and even at my smaller dog, Trixie. Belle does have arthritis, but she's been put on Deramaxx and morphine for the pain. What could be causing her to be so grumpy?

A: Maybe the drugs are not working as well as they could? Any behavioral change is worth a trip to the vet. It could be something unrelated to her arthritis, like brain tumor, thyroid issue etc. 11 is really getting up there for a Rottie-but I have had two Rotties and one lived to be 14 and the other 13.